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Home automation, Internet of Things, MQTT, Arduino, Wireless communication. Raspberry Pi, Low Power computing. Web hosting on Digital Ocean. Docker…

There are vast number of technologies and solutions that I’ve been tinkering with these past few months after I decided to embark on a journey to automate my home. I’m that guy that quite often forgets to turn off the lights when leaving home, or leaves the coffee machine on when rushing to work in the mornings. Also I’m quite sensitive to white/blue light in evenings which dampens the endogenous melatonine production and thus messes up my circadian rhythm.  I have already utilized the magnificent F.Lux application to filter out the blue spectrum of light on my computer monitors, but I also wanted to do something about the in-house lightning by dimming the lights 2-3 hours before planned bed-time.

Of course, practical benefits aside, I do like to tinker and hack at various things. Buying an off-the-shelf product seemed boring, and I didn’t want to tie myself with any closed black-box solution with vendor lock-in, so I decided to use as much open-source parts as possible. Cost, open standards, security, flexibility and robustness were all evaluated.

Countless of hours of researching, planning, building, debugging, failing, re-building and re-failing, and sometimes also succeeding. After all the hard work, I wanted to document some of my findings, sob stories and victories on this site. Maybe readers can then avoid some of the pit-falls and time-wasters that I’ve had to go through. Of course, most of the information here is  duplicated on many forums and sites and countless home automation projects, but some of that information is either out-dated or scattered all over the web. Also I did come across few problems whose solution were not obvious or wasn’t applicable to my own configuration.

But this site is not only about home automation. I’ll try to cover also more general topics, such as electronics, computer science, networking solutions, product reviews and whatnot. I hope you find at least some of the content here helpful.


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